UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

This documentary is at once beautiful and so completely heartbreaking.

Marc and I came from an agency – MJR Media in Fres-yes, CA that set up shop in an alley way complete with an old hand painted sign up on the brick wall. That little piece of advertising history was my favorite part of the space.

While I absolutely appreciate this stunning form of commercial art and wish and hope that it doesn’t disappear, I have a really hard time reconciling the cost and imagining suggesting that a client pay for it.

Or in this age of immediacy and never ending streams of media assaulting us, every minute of they day, perhaps this is a way to cut through the clutter. A simple message. A beautiful image. Static. Powerful.

Listening: Chromeo

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    What an amazing piece on what, hopefully, never becomes a lost art. Very inspirational, thanks for sharing.

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    That is very cool. Loved it.


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