and it only took a year

Literally. A year to make this site a reality. Yes, that is an extraordinarily long time for a website + blog to be created. But, the cobbler’s kids…

So, here we are with a brand spankin’ new website and a blog where I (and hopefully Marc if I can convince him to unshackle himself from his computer long enough to write about the more technical aspects of what we do) will ramble on about the latest goings-on in and around this little BlaseDesign world. And as part of a tradition I started on my mommy-blog I will end each post with a link to what music I’m listening to at the moment.

So glad you stopped by. Hope to see you again soon.

Listening: Strfkr

3 Comments to “and it only took a year”

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    Very cool site. I love it.

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    congrats for getting this done! it is great; i am so glad to be able to keep up with your working life here! now i’m off to get my facebook page done…really…

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    Fun! Another blog of yours for me to follow? Looking forward to it already. :)


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