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President's Message
Free N95 Masks for TCEP Members
Robert Hancock, DO, FACEP
TCEP President
TCEP appreciates and wants to help our members.
We are providing FREE N95 masks!
TCEP has been working hard to find ways to help our members throughout COVID. A benefit to membership with an organization, is knowing you have people advocating on your behalf. TCEP worked hard to acquire a large supply of N95 masks - enough to give each of our 2300+ members one box of (20) N95 masks! That's 20 shifts that TCEP is providing a mask to each member for. ...

Envision Physician Services

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Legislative Update
Theresa Q. Tran, MD, MBA, FACEP
Theresa Q. Tran, MD, MBA, FACEP
Government Relations Committee
No one has been spared from the information overload surrounding the 2020 Presidential race. This election feels like one of the most consequential in recent memory, regardless of who you support. But important elections aren’t just occurring at the national level ...

Professional Emergency Medicine Management

ABEM Changes in Certification: NEWS YOU CAN USE
ABEM- In case you missed it, starting in 2021, ABEM will move to a 5-year certification period for physicians when they next recertify. Specifically, any certificate awarded or renewed in 2021 and after will be for a 5-year duration. It’s important to note the move from a 10-year to 5-year certification length will not increase total requirements or increase the cost to stay certified ...
ABEM Virtual Oral Exam Starting in December 2020
ABEM will be offering a virtual Oral Exam in December 2020 to approximately 150-200 candidates, with larger administrations held throughout 2021. Candidates who were scheduled for the 2020 exams will be the first slated for the 2020-2021 administrations.
ABEM will hold informational webinars in November to provide more detail about the virtual Oral Exam.

In Memorium Dr. Craig Manifold
TCEP member, Craig Manifold, DO, passed away Sept 21, 2020 , leaving a legacy of service to Emergency Medicine and EMS. Dr. Manifold was medical director and assistant professor in the Department of Emergency Health Sciences, School of Health Professions at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and an EMS Eagle.
In Memoriam Dr. Craig Manifold
Dr. Manifold served on the NAEMT Board of Directors as Medical Director, as the chair of the NAEMT Military Relations Committee, Editor of the AMLS 3rd edition textbook, as an advisor on many EMS issues, and as a mentor and dear friend.
Brigadier General (Ret)(Bvt)(Dr) Manifold leaves behind a tremendous legacy within the EMS community.

SCP Health
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Medical Student Committee
Jomari Guerrero
Jomari Guerrero
Serving the TCEP Medical Students Through Virtual Networking
The TCEP Medical Student Committee (MSC) is very proud of all of the work and mentorship that has gone into a very productive residency recruitment season. COVID-19 has led to disruptions in our daily lives and has impacted many of us in different ways ...

Daniel Walk, MD, and Nathan Trayner, MD, FACEP
Daniel Walk, MD, Austin, TX
Nathan Trayner, MD, FACEP, Prosper, TX
Two Emergency Physicians have recently been named as participants in TMA’s Leadership College Class of 2021: Daniel Walk, MD, and Nathan Trayner, MD, FACEP.

This is the 11th class since the program’s inception and we congratulate them on their commitment to enhancing their leadership skills and making a positive impact on the field of medicine.

During the year, the 2021 scholars will meet to develop a deeper understanding of their own leadership strengths and weaknesses, expand their capacities to serve as leaders in organized medicine and their communities, and form lasting relationships with fellow physicians from around the state. They will complete the program in May and join a network of over 200 TMALC alumni.

PR Efforts Successful
Statewide Coverage. Mercury Public Affairs has secured numerous media placements in several markets across the state, including television interviews, newspaper articles, op-ed pieces and editorials.
TCEP PR Efforts Successful
This earned media has generated significant attention to TCEP, its members and their constant work to ensure Texans have access to the emergency care they need - in particular as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold.
TCEP PR Efforts Successful
A truly statewide campaign, media engagement has reached across Texas’ many regions and local communities. ...

Congratulations to TCEP members who made EMRA’s 25 under 45 list!
Mohamed Hagahmed, MD
Brit Long, MD
Theresa Tran, MD, FACEP
Recognizing young emergency medicine physicians who are changing the world.
Team Health
For more than 40 years, our stability and national resources help our clinicians deliver the best possible patient care. Join TeamHealth and benefit from innovative infrastructure and best practices from a community of thousands of clinicians. Learn more about how our strength supports you as you grow your career here.

Go Army

Hard Hats for Little Heads Promotion
Dr. Evan Meyer (Witchita Falls) and Dr. Ramasamy Selvaraj held events at ERNow, and gave an inservice program to the staff on helmet safety /application for children that come in after trauma. They also do programs at schools in the area giving bike helmets to children as part of TCEP's Hard Hats for Little Heads program. Interested in free helmets that you can give away? Learn more here: www.texacep.org/hard-hats

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Legal Update
Kenneth Alan Totz, DO, JD, FACEP
I’m Capped! Should Staffing Ratios Apply To Docs As Well?
Kenneth Alan Totz, DO, JD, FACEP
Title 22 California Code of Regulations Division 5 (“Title 22”) was a novel 2004 California law that placed hospital wide limits on nurse/patient ratios. The restricted ratios of nurses to patients vary depending on the location in the hospital and the acuity level of the patient. For example, in the ED, a single nurse may not ...

Calendar of Events

October 21
Free N95 Mask sign-up deadline
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October 24-25
ACEP20 VIRTUAL Council Meeting
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October 24
TCEP Delegation Candidate Forum (for ACEP Councillors and alternates)

October 26-29
ACEP20 VIRTUAL Scientific Assembly
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November 5
Residency Visit - Virtual

November 12
Residency Visit - Virtual
Texas A&M COM, Scott and White, Temple

November 22-25
Texas EMS Conference
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