hot rod girl

Creating marketing to SELL a product is a great challenge and one we embrace daily, however, getting to actually design the PRODUCT? Well, that’s a welcome and exciting project that BlaseDesign is lucky enough to have courtesy of DudeGirl. Along with graphic tees and embellishments to the casual/yoga lines, we have been hired to create cycling kits for Dude Girl. The latest is a collaboration between Kim, DG’s fearless leader, and me (Aimee Blase) — the Hot Rod Cycling Kit.

The direction from Kim was: HOT ROD. FLAMES… But, with a new take on it. Can I just tell you how much I love working with Dude Girl!? Granted we have worked together for years and years, but,┬áthe┬átrust and mutual respect makes for such a pleasant and happy work relationship and you can see it in the end product!

My new take was to simplify and make the flames be almost secondary. I contrasted the organic sweeping curves of the flames with a color-block layout for the pieces. The colors have a bit of a sock-hop, vintage inspiration which I love.

The Hot Rod Kit isn’t for sale yet – it’s being unveiled at INTERBIKE this week – but, get on the email list so that you’ll be notified of all new stuff!

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    Nice job with the kits – especially how the flame color carries over to and around the collar! We each could have written each others blog posts today! Kim is the best!

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    Poppy! You are AMAZING!!! and your work for DudeGirl is stunning! thanks for reading and commenting!


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