Introducing The 2011 Texas Rollergirls

Below are the 2011 poster-girls featuring almost every skater in the league. These posters will be plastered all over this fine city encouraging people to come watch the fastest growing sport in the world. They will also be sold at the bouts for the fans to get autographed.

Our intention for the campaign is to create a bond between spectators & skaters – to turn spectators into fans as well as to establish Texas Rollergirls skaters as serious athletes and local celebrities.

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4 Comments to “Introducing The 2011 Texas Rollergirls”

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    i love them all but esp slaughter melon!

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    : )
    agreed! Slaughter’s is awesome – and she is fantastic – and I’m not just saying that ’cause she’s a Hell Mary!

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    I don’t see Tomax’s poster here but it is on the Hell Mary’s page… Are you selling them as posters?

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    Bree – sorry for the delay!! Tomax’s poster is done now, she was in the second round photoshoot… and is for sale at the bouts.


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