LASA Mentor of the Year

I’m not big on the bragging – but, when it comes to mentoring for LASA (Liberal Arts & Sciences Academy an Austin, TX magnet high school) I feel compelled to. I have been mentoring for Ms. Richey’s eZine class for two semesters now, thanks to the invite from my good friend – the incredibly talented and sometimes freelance designer for BlaseDesign – Katherine Nesbitt. As mentors we are asked to guide the students and critique their project throughout the semester. The students work in groups and create an impressive +/- 20 page printed magazine. They name it. Design it. Write it. Produce it in InDesign — a program that the majority of them have never even heard of – and why would they? It is a program that is reserved for graphic design professionals. As I said – impressive.

I had the privilege of mentoring 4 groups this semester. Their work was fantastic. Here are some samples, including a cover article about our cool actress-friend Jenny.

virtu_1 virtu_3 virtu_2

* * *

swerve_1 swerve_3

* * *

foodjunkie_1 food_02

* * *

warp_1 warp_2

* * *


Oh, and I was awarded LASA’s mentor of the year!

Maybe it’s because I am a new mom and I’m just getting all sappy or maybe it’s because I hope that all of my good deeds will get our son in to the prestigious LASA school when he heads to high school. But, I am truly honored and proud.

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    Desley McKirdy

    Very cool work and congratulations Aimee.

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    CONGRATS! Well deserved : )


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