This is a Blase Design blog in which we attempt to present our work, our inspiration, our clients or other things related to graphic design, advertising and the internets… and this post will get there – I promise, just humor me for a minute.

I play roller derby.

rec-scrimmage March 2010 - jammer

I know – right!? That is so incredibly cool – you can hardly believe that someone as nerdy as I would play such a bad-a$$ sport. But, it’s true. And I looooooooove it.

I play for the TXRG Rec-League. Roller Derby, in it’s current incarnation, was started right here in Austin, TX back in the early ’00’s. And some of those girls that STARTED IT are TRAINING US! They are an amazing group of mentors and seriously fantastic athletes. Those girls are what I want to be when I grow up.

My derby name is Sinnerfold (thanks again Kris!).

OK! Back to how this relates to Blase Design.

One of our clients – the incredibly talented Harriette Allison – makes one-of-a-kind, western-inspired furniture, gorgeous handbags and wallets, amazing guitar straps:


… and now belts!

IMG_3478 IMG_3479 IMG_3477 IMG_3482

Her work is handmade, real leather with in-laid-stitched details. They are incomparable in quality. And they are expensive. But, oh-so-worth-it. Just imagine the derby-super-powers I will get from wearing this!

Listening: Dara Puspita


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