Truckee, CA – Beer Capital of The…

…well, Sierras – at least!

Fifty Fifty Brewing Company is dear to our hearts. Way back in the day, BlaseDesign named the company, among many other projects to get them up and running. The owners left their smarty-pants careers in Sacramento to make great beer and live the life they had only dreamed of in the mountains. Inspired by the idea of living a killer, more balanced life we came up with “FiftyFifty”. It has a nice ring to it and also refers to a snowboard trick – not a bad coincidence for a ski-town restaurant/brewery.

After years of winning international awards for their beers they have finally decided to bottle the stuff. The first one is Donner Party Ale. We opted for a classic, but, rich and colorful design that focuses on the name and the icon-graphic that we created for each beer.

And there are more labels coming soon:

We are honored, as ever to be a part of this company’s journey. And love filling our bellies each time we head back to town.

Listening: School of Seven Bells

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    Very cool post! Love the labels, clean and fun. Got a giggle from the Donner Party Ale tagline.


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