From the Truckee River to Roller Derby.

The Who

BlaseDesign is owned by Aimee and Marc Blase. Aimee is the Creative Director, Designer, as well as Project Manager. That direct client-to-designer contact creates an unhindered workflow and more intuitive creative process. Marc is a designer-turned-Web-Developer giving him a more sophisticated view of multi-media. He not only writes the code behind the website, but, he works with Aimee to create a superior user-experience on the front-end.

The Where

Austin, Texas is the official home of BlaseDesign. But, because it’s just the two of them, they can work wherever. Choosing to stay small, they employ the best freelance writers, production artists, and branding experts to partner with as needed — means delivering the smartest and most efficient work possible. Armed with laptops and the internet, they have found themselves working everywhere from a shady spot on the Truckee River to a high rise hotel in downtown Chicago.

The How

When not shackled to their computers, Aimee and Marc find inspiration for their creativity in a variety of places. After hours, Aimee can be found on eight-wheels playing roller derby. While Marc prefers two-wheels, a fixed gear, and the city streets. Their shared passion for music (low-fi to psych-folk to post-punk and almost everything in between) and food (eaten out or cooked at home) borders on obsession.

“Blase Design transformed our website and made my company look GREAT on the web. They provided print and web design that was sophisticated, exciting and modern. Working with Blase Design is always a pleasure because they take on our needs as their own and think creatively to bring us the best value possible.” -Andrea Middleton